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I am a graduate from Sunderland University in 3D Design Glass with Ceramics 1988-91.   My postgraduate studies were completed in Glassmaking Techniques and Design at the International Glass Centre, West Midlands 1991-92.   On completion my specialism was with the kiln forming processes.

Since leaving Art School in the early 90s I eventually worked my way down to Brighton.   With some assistance from the Sussex Enterprise and the Prince's Trust I set up a studio business in Hove.   With the addition of some basic kiln forming equipment I have been able to apply my University training to create handmade and highly original glass pieces suitable for commercial and residential environments.

Kiln forming glass entails casting, fusing and slumping which in basic terms means the heating of glass in a mould or former to its required working point in a kiln.   At this point the glass melts, bends or fuses into the desired shape.   These methods lend themselves to producing a variety of shapes, forms, textures and colours that I have applied to interior and exterior objects such as furniture, lighting, vessels, mirrors, tiles/coasters, jewellery and sculptural forms.

My influences in the design and creation of my glass objects stem from our everyday urban landscape; the unsung heroes of municipal design.   From ornate Victorian manhole covers to contemporary paving stones and brick formations, street lighting and antiquated industrial environments, even discarded packaging can inspire the creative processes.